Social Security Income - To make the right choice, you might need  help!

The wrong answer to the question could cost tens of thousands of dollars in benefits, while the right answer could provide a significant income boost. Though they are not widely known, there are two election strategies that could help significantly increase Social Security benefits. 

TWM has the tools and the knowledge to integrate all of your income solutions to help determine the right choice.

If you are a candidate that desires to maximize your income for life, we can work with you to integrate your income producing assets and validate the best strategy to help give you the outcome you desire. Life expectancy and other factors have a tremendous impact on this decision and many other sources are not properly giving this the attention it deserves.

Believe it or not, when to elect Social Security is probably the most important decision our married clients will make about their retirement. Usually the decision is framed as a simple now or later proposition, which is fine for single people. But for married couples—who have additional factors like spousal and survivor benefits to consider—the issue of maximizing Social Security is much more complex, and often, with much more money at stake. 

Social Security Income