The Planning Process

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Our planning process allows one to compare various solutions and validate the choice that will help provide them the desired outcome, given their unique situation.


​Step 1:  We get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit together.  

Steps 2-4: We review our planning process "Scenarios of Life" and validate this planning process when compared to other methods.

Step 5:  We provide the "Strategy Assessment" for you to complete and return prior to our next meeting.  


Steps 6-9:  We review the data in the "Strategy Assessment" and discuss the problems and/or concerns that could be detrimental in achieving your financial goals.   We discuss the issues and help you prioritize the items that are important to you.


Step 10: Begin the implementation process. Also, we establish the review and follow-up process.
Three Components Necessary for Successful Outcomes

Part one:Open Mind- Einstein once said that "A Closed Mind Can Be Very Expensive." The essential first step is to have an open mind.  

Part two: Desire-One must have the Heart and/or Desire to improve which may require some changes.  

Part three: Discipline- Doing the same thing you have been doing and expecting a different outcome is defined as "insanity". Translated, it means that you must first identify what is important for you, and then one must prioritize these goals if you are to have any hope of a sustainable success story.

​ "Hoping" things work out is not a financial strategy, therefore one should not consider utilizing "Opinions" as a financial strategy either."
Steve M. Temple 2014